Q & A with Dr. Richard Gaines

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Though sexual health is a good thing to think of anytime during the year, Valentine’s Day seems like an especially good time for the spotlight.

We reached out to Dr. Richard Gaines, chief medical officer of the AAG Health Gains, to talk about how the Gaines Enhancement can help men in their sex lives. To learn more about the Gaines Enhancement, call (212) 257-2448 or visit healthgains.com.

What inspired you of the Gaines Enhancement — and what is its purpose?
As an age management physician it has always been my goal to help people improve their health and wellness, and be their very best regardless of age. Over the years, one of the things my patients asked me about was ways to optimize their sex life. Was there anything I could do to bring the joy of sex back into their lives, to be able to feel intense orgasms, perform better, longer, the way they did when they were younger? I developed the Gaines Enhancement for that purpose.

I took what I knew of tissue rejuvenation and applied that to develop a technique that stimulates renewed nerve and vessel growth, increases sensitivity and leads to better quality sex.

How is the Gaines Enhancement administered?
The process itself is physically very simple, yet complex on the cellular level. We utilize the existing growth factors and stem cells in your own blood to rebuild collagen, and stimulate new nerve growth that leads to desired effects. You can expect to be in and out in less than an hour with absolutely zero downtime.

Is the Gaines Enhancement treatment painful?
Other than the possibility of a slight discomfort experienced by some patients, it is a practically pain-free procedure.

How safe is it?
There have been over 4,000 cases of platelet rich plasma use for sexual rejuvenation and not one single report of any complications. Currently, there are many ongoing studies worldwide on the benefits of PRP for sexual wellness and other age related issues.

How is Gaines Enhancement superior to other techniques?
It’s superior because it not only uses the proven benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma, but the Gaines Enhancement incorporates other safe and effective techniques, with a proprietary blend I’ve developed to increase sexual energy, pelvic blood flow and improve performance. This combination produces results that take effect quicker, and last longer than other treatments.

What results can a patient realistically anticipate?
Even though results may vary, we’ve seen increases in size in some patients of up to 2 inches. All patients can expect an increase in sensitivity and quality of erections, not to mention more satisfying and intense orgasms. Results typically last 12-18 months.

Who are the most common recipients of Gaines Enhancement treatment?
Men who simply want to perform better in the bedroom receive the Gaines Enhancement. People with diabetes, or hypertension and erectile dysfunction, and cannot take, or have been disappointed by oral ED medications, are perfect candidates for this procedure as well.

How does the cost of this procedure compare to the cost of others marketing similar results?
There is no other procedure with similar results other than a surgical penis implant. Compared to an implant, the cost of Gaines Enhancement is significantly less while being just as effective. Additionally, the Gaines Enhancement is drug-free, surgery-free, and doesn’t have any of the risks of complications or downtime associated with implant surgery.

How can patients maximize the results they see from the Gaines Enhancement?
The Gaines Enhancement is much more than a single procedure or technique. It is a continuum of care, not only for male enhancement, but designed for overall optimal aging. The PRP based treatment, when combined with hormone replacement therapy, exercise, diet and nutritional counseling elements of the program, can reverse the signs of aging, adding more years to your life, and more life to your years.

Last modified: April 18, 2019