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When we get to talk to people we love, we want to know what things they’re loving. It’s Questions of Taste: Daniel Franzese.

METROSOURCE: Where was your last great meal from?
DANIEL FRANZESE: I had incredible Tex/Mex at Avilas, I believe, in Dallas, TX. It was unbelievable. With my best friend rom New York, it was great to see him.

What musicians do you have in heavy rotation right now?
I love this old ’70s soul singer named Doris Duke who had an album called I Am a Loser. And it’s considered by soul historians one of the greatest albums of all time bu was just re-released in 2010. I rock that on my record player all day.

What’s your drink of choice?
Jack on the rocks.

What are you reading right now?
Dry, by Augusten Burroughs.

Oh my God, that’s such a great book.
I know. I’m about to go do my new television show, Recovery Road on ABC Family and it’s about recovery, so I’m just doing a little research

What are you a fan of right now that you’d love other people to know about?
American Horror Story and Empire.

Oh yaaasss!!!
Literally obsessed.

You think Gaga will bring some fun angles to the next to American Horror Story?
Are you kidding?  I may not be “little” but I’m definitely a monster!

Oh, that’s a great line. I’ve been salivating over Empire.
Oh, God, I can’t even stand it! I’m getting chills right now. I want to be on that show so freaking bad.

Ohhh – we gotta get a campaign going! Hey, Courtney Love did it, you know. There’s room for some white folks on there. And how fun for Gabby Sidibe that she gets to be on both?
I actually tweeted at her the other day. I was like: “Can we get them to give you something juicy to do on Empire? Because you can’t just be looking fleek all the time. I want you to hve a romance or something.” It’ll take time. Those kind of shows — like I always use The Simpsons as an example of the biggest world ever. Eventually everybody will get their episode if they keep going.

Thank you so much for making time to talk to me today. It’s been such a treat, truly.
Thank you. Audible phone hug!

Daniel spoke with Paul in April 2015 for our June/July issue, in which they discuss Looking Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Last modified: April 23, 2019