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randy rainbow

There have been gay comedians, and there have been internet sensations, but no one has put the two together in quite the sweet/tart way that’s made Randy Rainbow a national treasure to the LGBTQ community.

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Rainbow is perhaps most famous for the mock interviews and showtune parodies that appear to address the news almost as it happens. And, while he has helping hands, he’s largely a one-man shop who somehow remains as au courant as a 3 a.m. tweet from @realdonaldtrump.

Repurposing the voices and likeness of famous folk to highlight their hypocrisy, duplicity, dissembling, spin and downright stupidity, Rainbow is clearly having a ball. And if the current administration is no friend to LGBTQ Americans around the country, its partisans — Sarah Sanders, Mike Pence, Kelleyanne Conway, Brett Kavanaugh and the rest have provided enough material to keep our favorite satirist busy well past 2020.

No one will be over this Rainbow anytime soon.

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Last modified: February 14, 2019