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The past year has introduced a wide range of health and wellness books to the market. We are paying special attention to the popularity of cannabis and CBD and found two great books to add to your healthy library as well as a few new and trusted philosophies behind weight loss and weight management including the popular Bright Line Eating and a new title by Dr. Mike Dow and a revisit to the DASH program. Get healthy this year, you have our permission.

The Athlete’s Guide to CBD: Treat Pain and Inflammation, Maximize Recovery, and Sleep Better Naturally by Scott Douglas (Rodale Books) $15.99

Scott Douglas is a contributing writer for Runner’s World and the author of several books including 26 Marathons and Running is My Therapy. He uncovers what makes CBD “the holy grail” product for athletes and active people through this comprehensive guide of the way athletes can benefit from using CBD products. Former NFL Pro Bowl Player Tiki Barber sets the scene with a dynamic foreword about the stigma and healing properties of CBD. Douglas shows that this book can be for everyone from the start, stating “Don’t let the word athlete in this book’s title intimidate you. Athletes aren’t just those in professional or school sports. Athletes are people who work out with a purpose…if you exercise regularly and care about your workouts, you’re an athlete.” He started incorporating CBD into his routine in 2018 and has since found his sleep improves as well as his recovery from training and injury. In his book, The Athlete’s Guide to CBD, the reader is alleviated of the stigma behind CBD and given permission to smartly explore the world of CBD with a healthy background of terminology, a buyer’s checklist, and plenty of information. One of the most interesting parts of the book is the “small sampling of athlete’s successes with CBD” including accounts by major and  everyday athletes as well as his own firsthand account.

Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free

by Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. (Hay House) $25.99

Don’t ask “how can I lose weight?” instead ask “how can I lose weight in 2020”. Susan Peirce Thompson, who states in her powerful book Bright Line Eating poses the argument that “over the past century or so, there’s been a shift in how our bodies and brains react to food. Consequently, as a species we are getting fatter, and no amount of education or effort seems to be helping,” adding that roughly 2 billion people worldwide are now overweight, and 600 million of them are obese. This statistic comes from The U.S. Weight Loss and Diet Control Market. Thompson goes on point out that “we don’t have an obesity problem. We have an obesity mystery.” Her Bright Line Eating program sets out to solve that mystery. Thompson is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester, President of the Institute for Sustainable Weight Loss, and founder and CEO of Bright Line Eating Solutions.  At the top of her book Thompson shares her personal story before getting into all the science one might need to understand what is happening inside the brain to prevent weight loss, and how the Standard American Diet doesn’t work. Part II of the book explains how Bright Line Eating can solve those problems by essentially rewiring the brain to work with goals (we won’t spoil anything; you’ve got to see for yourself!). Part III provides a Bright Line Eating Food Plan with powerful case studies and success stories.  Parts IV and V are all about empowering, with useful tools that make long-term weight loss attainable and sustainable. The book ends with some great resources including a sample nightly checklist sheet and action plan to send readers off in the right direction.

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Cannabis & CBD for Health and Wellness: An essential guide for using nature’s medicine to relieve stress, anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, and more

by Junella Chin (Ten Speed Press) $16.99

Cannabis, originally used by ancient civilizations as a medicinal plant as well as in spiritual and religious rituals, was made illegal when Congress passed the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 stating that cannabis is addictive and dangerous. Now, in 2020, everyone should know that cannabis is medicine, a statement strongly supported throughout Cannabis & CBD Health & Wellness. Sherman and Chin’s book, peppered with bold, colorful images, illustrates a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to safely utilizing cannabis (both CBD and THC) to relieve chronic and acute health issues like insomnia, pain, depression, inflammation, depression, anxiety, grief, stress and more. Junella and Aliza share stories of their personal introduction to cannabis and shatter the fears of cannabis while outlining the history of why and how the medicine was vilified and criminalized, how it affects and can help the body, as well as the specific conditions that can be treated with cannabis. The book considers that cannabis is gradually being legalized state by state and that companies are manufacturing a variety of products from the plant, beyond just brownies, now including breath strips, nasal sprays, tinctures, and inhalers. Whether cannabis and CBD are new for you, or a dear old friend there’s bound to be a variety of interesting and relevant perspectives on health and wellness as well as a new appreciation for the healing aspects of cannabis through this informative new book.

DASH for Weight Loss: An Easy-to-Follow Plan for Losing Weight, Increasing Energy, and Lowering Blood Pressure

by Jennifer Koslo, PhD, RDN, LDN, CPT (Harmony Books) $22.00

Need to cut back? DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) is a simple program rooted in proven science that has the added benefits of improving overall health, boosting metabolism, and helping people lose unwanted pounds. The DASH eating plan ultimately encourages you to reduce the amount of sodium in your diet while increasing daily servings of nutrient-rich foods while focusing on three minerals that can help to lower blood pressure: calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Dr. Koslo’s book features three parts covering the basics as well as the science behind the DASH diet, how to set you up for success by making the kitchen DASH-friendly, four weeks of DASH menus and fitness schedules as well as tasty recipes for every meal. The book is filled with useful tips for weight loss including notes about weight-loss myths, goals, snacking, recommended daily servings, and more. The recipe section, which ultimately covers ¾ of the book and features useful (and delicious) recipes paired with colorful images of bites and flavorful meals like Raspberry Mango Turmeric Overnight Oats, High-Protein Apple Carrot Hemp Muffins, Barley and Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Fresh Herbs and Ricotta, Creamy Cauliflower Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese, Slow Cooker Pineapple Chicken, Cheesy Baked Kale Chips, Peanut Butter Blondies, and Pumpkin Pie Snack Bars. Sounds appetizing? Be sure to stock up at the grocery store before, during, and after reading.

The Sugar Brain Fix: The 28-Day Plan to Quit Craving the Foods That Are Shrinking Your Brain and Expanding Your Waistline

by Dr. Mike Dow (Hay House) $26.99

What makes a healthy brain? Highly sought-after psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Mike Dow is back with The Sugar Brain Fix, sharing a simple, yet powerful plan to help readers kick their food addictions.  Dr. Mike Dow’s other books include The Brain Fog Fix, Healing the Broken Brain, and Diet Rehab. Inspired by his brother who suffered a massive stroke when he was just ten years old, Dr. Mike made it his personal mission to help others in their quest for health and happiness. In Diet Rehab, Dr. Mike Dow introduced his plan, over the past five years he’s gathered more data to show how our standard American diet is harming our brains and bodies. Through The Sugar Brain Fix, Dr. Dow takes a closer look at how sugar affects brain chemistry and the ways we can fix it. Part I takes readers through understanding “sugar brain”, including how food addiction fuels sugar brain – and vice versa, fully getting into the secret of gradual detox. Part II pulls the curtain back on the “Western Diet” providing a deeper look at why people feel anxious, blue, or powerless. In Part III Dr. Mike Dow rolls up his sleeves and gets into obsessive eating, emotional eating, and binge eating finally sharing his tips for “Fixing Your Sugar Brain” in Part IV, ending with supplements, foods, and practices as well as some fantastic recipes that will help to prevent you from looking back at that codependent relationship you might have with sugar.

Last modified: May 12, 2020