Rear Admirals: Which Efron Butt Is Best?

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Remember to save your work, because we’re about to break the Internet. It’s time to answer the age-old question: which Efron brother has the nicest buns?

Zac is off to a great head start, showing off his assets in films like Dirty Grandpa. The Macarena scene lifts more than just our arms (it elevates our hearts – get your mind out of the gutter). The elder Efron struts his proverbial stuff wearing nothing but a stuffed animal on his nether region. Oddly enough, it wasn’t stuffed before they filmed the scene.

That’s some stiff competition. But enough about us! Here comes Dylan bringing up the rear… literally – his rear end stops traffic on Instagram. Here’s a pic of Dylan chillin’ on the deliciously wrong side of the tracks.

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The great outdoors

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Baby bro’s got back! And he’s also got back-flips. Check out Dylan’s form (pregnant pause) as he prepares to jump off a bridge in Puerto Rico.

Not to be outdone, Zac rests his steamed buns on a very lucky sauna bench in his Insta feed.

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♨️ 🙏 @clearlightsaunas100

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Zac also brings us behind (pun firmly intended) the scenes of his Netflix docu-series Down to Earth by perching his perfect patootie on a brick wall.

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Behind-the-scenes. #downtoearth #netflix

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Dylan is cracking into the biz, serving as a producer on Down to Earth, so he clearly has Zac’s back. Even though they can put their sibling rivalry ASSide, we still have a conundrum on our hands: which Efron badonkadonk reigns supreme? Dylan sprints into the lead with thirst traps like this pic.

And if that’s too much clothing for your tastes, then we like your style! Dylan’s bare behind makes a cameo on OMG Blog, and it is oh-so-unsafe for work. Bold move, Dylan – how can Zac recover from this bracing blow? Answer: by filming the revealing scene in That Awkward Moment when Zac compares naughty notes with co-star Miles Teller.

It’s a real squeaker, but we need to throne a winner. In the end, Zac’s hindquarters leave everything else in the rearview. He is an American classic, right up there with bald eagles and that sexy dessert in American Pie.

Congratulations, Zac Efron – take a bow! Slowly… slowly… yeah, that’s the stuff. We salute you lustily and we applaud your brother for a valiant Efron effort. Butter luck next time!

Last modified: August 29, 2020