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Rotted Ribcage

Rotted Ribcage

Artist Bio

Logan Benedict is a 20-year old artist from a small town in Delaware. He has published three books of his art and poetry and has been exhibited in five different art shows from Vancouver, British Columbia to Middletown, Delaware. His work confronts stigmas and stereotypes through their destructive processes and fragile presentations. His self-portraiture dabbles in themes of intimacy, mock masculinity, traumas, and feelings of alienation.

Description of Artwork

It’s been a year since I experienced sexual trauma and reclaiming not only my pride or my confidence but my body as well has been quite the struggle for me. Trauma can have a lasting effect on victims, and I’ve channeled my pain into my craft. This work is all about pride and self-love, repossessing ownership of a body that has been so battered and bloody and bruised. This piece, titled “Rotted Rib Cage” is a 8.5×11″ canvas with mixed media elements.

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