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Artist Bio

Abby Taylor is a digital artist and printmaker living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in printmaking and mixed media arts from the University of Kentucky School of Art and Visual Studies. In addition, she has studied her craft abroad in both Shanghai, China and Berlin, Germany. Her illustrations and prints have been featured in multiple art journals and have been exhibited in several galleries throughout the country and abroad. Her work focuses greatly on various issues regarding personal identity, its complexity and the many challenges we each face when looking into ourselves in an effort to accept what we find.

Here’s the way Abby sees her work:

Description of Artwork

This piece, titled ‘in/visibility’ , is a digital illustration directly printed onto acrylic using UV ink. The illustration features gender non-conforming, trans feminine activist and writer Travis Alabanza. Pronoun: they/them.

This piece, and the larger body of work for which it stands, explores and celebrates transgender, non-binary, gender queer and gender fluid identities. By breaking down the portrait into shapes, lines and colors, I’ve created an image saturated with smaller parts. These parts all work in unison to construct the whole. This is a reflection of the complexity of the human form and psyche. It represents the way we, and our vastly different experiences and narratives construct our unique identities. It is these small working parts that shape our lives and dictate our interaction with each other and the world we share.

I feel my work not only fits within the themes of ‘Reclaiming My Pride,’ it truly stands for them. It represents an amazing, supportive and safe community of very unique individuals who thrive on creativity and charity. A community of which I’m very happy to be a part.

I create this work in an effort to encourage a greater conversation about problematic gender conceptions. This is necessary in order to introduce and regulate respectful and appropriate vocabulary, interaction and speech in regard to our amazing community and each of our identities that transcend far beyond the binary.

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