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Speak Up and Reclaim Your Pride

Speak up and Reclaim Your Pride

Artist Bio

Charles Caldwell expresses his unique views and voices his love and concern for his community through his art. Mix media and strong abstract colorful line work are the trade mark of Charles Caldwell’s pieces, which are his thoughts on extraordinary abstract expressions of everyday themes. His latest series, “Perspective”, are his thoughts on modern Americanism. He hopes this series inspires conversations and reflections on the American spirit, throughout the world. Caldwell’s art education began in Morristown, New Jersey where he was awarded a full scholarship through the Morristown Neighborhood House and graduated from Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts.

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Description of Artwork

Art is what I’m all about! Speak up, reclaim your pride and shout! red, blue, yellow, and green. You know what I mean. Colors they’re all the same try one you can contain. Red, blue, yellow, and green speak out and claim your pride, if you know what it means. Black and white are very simple take a brush or a pencil, shade once shade twice. Speak up and reclaim your pride. Nice! Now as I bring this to a close, my paintings and I have to go, higher on our planet earth, full of everything which is worth more than all that you can see. I bring to you a reality, layered with truth, consciousness and possibilities. The media, the critics, the White House are all intentionally trying to block our rights to Speak Up and reclaim our Pride, but we all have to leave it in the hands of our God…. My art work reflects everyone’s “Perspective” as you can see in my abstract style of painting. My colors red, blue, yellow, and green reflects all human kind. We are all different in some way or form. However, we are all the same as well, we are one.

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