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Artist Bio

I’ve been painting or drawing all my life. When I was 30 I got my BFA and later my MFA from Rutgers University. Throughout most of my life my work has been closely tied to being Gay. After school I did the Corporate thing, but eventually left my job as a Producer and have been painting full time for the past three years.

Description of Artwork

The work is about how we present ourselves, how we interact, and sometimes about how we discriminate against each other in the small pool of gay guys online. Swimming pools are a great background for the paintings. Not only is there the sense that this is another environment but they also provide the ability to place the viewer in a different world. I really enjoy the fact the when viewed from outside the pool the subjects are seen with a distorted view. The other thing I really enjoy about pools is the fluid content. The cleanliness of the water sometimes plays a part in the work, and one of the key paintings for the overall narrative was one called, “Are you Clean?”. The painting I am submitting is called “Home”. It’s a painting of 2 friends of mine who have been together for 26 years. For me it is reclaiming my Pride in the sense that it goes back to the basics of Pride. I remember when Pride was about the need for social acceptance. We just wanted it to be ok to love another of the same sex, to be included. This painting for me is that.

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Each one of the entrants who submitted artwork for consideration in our Reclaiming My Pride contest were asked to submit a short biographical video. describing themselves, their inspiration and the work that resulted. Take a look at David Jester’s video:

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