12 Threads to Find Photos of Sexy Men on Reddit (and Not Get Fired)

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Shirtless Man Enjoying Reddit

Ever wonder how to find photos of sexy men on Reddit that are not NSFW? Most people who’ve explored the media platform know it can be a treasure trove of eye-popping photography. But if you’ve ever searched for “sexy men” on Reddit, you know how easy it is to fall down a rabbit hole and land on a pile of porn.

However, there are times (like at work) when we wouldn’t mind a few buff bods and smiling celebs to scroll through without accidentally filling our screens with the fully exposed meat and potatoes of strangers. With that in mind, we’ve curated these examples of reddit threads where you’ll find the temperature set to a comfortable simmer.

Looking for a Sexy Man?

They’ve got faces you want to kiss and bodies you want to hold.

Damn… from r/JustSexyMen

Looking to Turn Up the Heat?

These hot shots may leave you looking to let off some steam.

Aguinaldo Assis from r/HotGuys

Looking for Tickets to the Gun Show?

The forearms aren’t the only thing things that are bulging here.

Weekend peek from r/forearmporn

Looking for a Man Serving Clark Kent Realness?

There’s a whole lot of handsome behind these lenses.

Will Higginson from r/GuysInGlasses

Looking for a Sexy Gay Gentleman?

Offering plenty of intimate (but not too intimate) moments between men.

Smiling at each other from r/gaygentlemanboners

Looking for a Famous Sexy Man?

Here you’ll find mostly actors, models, musicians, athletes and fitness celebrities. Oh – and thirst.

Brock O’Hurn – Who needs a Towel? from r/LadyBoners

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Looking for a Sexy Man with a Pet?

The “Aw!” factor is high when fellas pose with their furry friends.

Ready for a jog! from r/Ladybonersgonecuddly

Looking for a Sexy Man Who Hasn’t Gone Wild?

They say these are guys “gone mild,” but we strongly suspect they’re just getting warmed up.

Hello! from r/ladybonersgonemild

Looking for a Sexy Man of Color?

Beautiful men come in all skin tones.

I was told to post this here as well, this is my first time in this subreddit so here ya go! from r/POCLadyBoners

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Looking for a Sexy Asian Man?

You’ll find sexy men of various Asian backgrounds, but be warned, this thread can be heavier on NSFW posts than the rest of the list.

[Self] I just really liked this pic, okay? ? from r/AsianLadyboners

Looking for Beautiful British Lads?

Perfect inspiration for your next Downton Abbey fan fiction.

Look at those beautiful blue eyes he has!? from r/BritishLadyBoners

Looking for a Man Being Sexy a While Ago?

Everything from older celebs in their youths to those who’ve passed on – when they were very much still alive and kicking.

Guy Madison, 1945 from r/VintageLadyBoners

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Last modified: November 27, 2019