REVIEW: Moonwalkers

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Moonwalkers’ plot is unapologetically
outlandish but commits to its insanity.

REVIEW: <i>Moonwalkers</i>

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In a nutshell: It’s 1969 and an unstable CIA spook (played by screen great Ron Perlman) is tasked with traveling to England to hire Stanley Kubrick to film a fake moon landing. Through some comic confusion, Perlman mistakes a down-and-out band manager (played by Rupert Grint, aka Harry Potter’s Ron Weasley) for Kubrick’s manager long enough for him to pass a buddy off as Kubrick and get his hungry hands on the briefcase full of CIA cash. By the time Perlman realizes his mistake and comes back for the money, it’s in the hands of a nasty gang of loan sharks, and together they must come up with a plan B involving a mansion full of artsy hippies and an impressive amount of consciousness-expanding drugs. THE WORD: Despite often lingering over some strange devices, the film manages to cast a charming spell before it’s finished — owing chiefly to the gameness of Perlman and Grint and some surprisingly good, hallucinogenic special effects sequences. COMING TO: Theaters

Last modified: July 27, 2017