REVIEW: Syfy's "Childhood's End"

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This three-part mini-series adapts a story by legendary science fiction author Arthur C. Clark, and its depiction of an extra-terrestrial-controlled human evolution is a somewhat horrifying vision of a “perfect” future.

Childhood's End

When mysterious aliens with god-like technology arrive to enforce world peace, a clean environment, and freedom from disease and injustice, it seems to good to be true. So as their other-worldly benefactors refuse to show themselves, humanity is left to wonder, what’s the catch? Starring a cast that fans of science-fiction and fantasy will find familiar, this Syfy original may look and feel like a TV movie but has farther-reaching ideas than even most big-screen sci-fi fare. THE WORD: Ultimately Childhood’s End speaks of the passing of not just of childhood but of all things— managing to cast a not-too-tragic light on a situation that would otherwise appear to be nothing but dark shadows. COMING TO: Home Video

Last modified: July 27, 2017