New Album “Honey” Puts Swedish Pop Star Robyn in Her Sweet Spot

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Honey(Konichiwa Records / Interscope Records)

Robyn’s earlier releases brought the party; Honey brings the after-party. It’s been eight long years since the release of the universally acclaimed Body Talk. That release (which included the hits “Dancing in the Dark,” “Hang With Me” and “Call Your Girlfriend”) brilliantly merged melancholy sentiments and driving beats to create irresistible dance floor anthems. By contrast, Honey offers a mood of optimism while lowering the decibels considerably.

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Have a look at the title track, performed live:

The Swedish siren tells us that Honey originates from “this sweet place, like a very soft ecstasy”  and “something that’s so sensual and so good.” Highlights include “Baby Forgive Me,” the early ‘90s inspired “Between the Lines,” the memorable title track, and Honey‘s remarkable first single, “Missing U.” Despite her shift in tone, fans who’ve missed Robyn should find that Honey instantly feels like an old friend’s return. Robyn embarks on a massive world tour this year in support of Honey, and you can bet her live show will be a must-see.

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Last modified: January 28, 2019