Rocco Steele’s new series will make your jaw drop

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Let’s begin on a note of awkwardness as you clumsily pretend that you’ve never heard of Rocco Steele. Oh really, Prudence? Then why did you click on the headline?

Yes, Mr. Steele is the endlessly endowed adult performer who has starred in such spanktastic titles as Big Boned Raw, Flooded, Deep Examination and Kiss & Tel Aviv (aw, so romantic!).

He has pounded your (ahem) pulse for years, but there’s also blood pumping to Rocco’s brain.

He is an intrepid entrepreneur who has penetrated pop culture in its many willing orifices. From his Ride Rocco brand of lube to his 10seven underwear line, Steele has many ways of getting in your pants.

In case you’re dubious of those measurements, just breathe through the pain. Rocco actually named his website “My 10 Inches” to drive those dimensions home.

And now, Steele is whipping out Season Two of his revealing YouTube series Just Oral. The streamer boasts an impressive guest list, including lascivious luminaries like PJ Knox, Trinity the Tuck and Hunter Harden.

Hey, mister, my eyes are up here!

Moving right along, Rocco Steele and his interviewees are bringing pillow talk out from the sheets and up to the next level.

Just Oral was born out of my desire to build a deeper connection with my diverse fan base, and to offer a glimpse into our personas outside of our performance work they are used to seeing,” Steele tells Plus magazine. “It’s like having a special access pass to peek behind the curtain of some of gay adult and mainstream’s brightest stars chatting about something we’re all interested in: sex!”

We’re swollen with anticipation. Say more!

“It’s time to start a dialogue about queer people and human sexuality that helps move the needle on normalizing freedom of sexual expression.  I know our viewers will be entertained, but I hope they also find takeaway lessons that are useful in their own sexual experiences and journey.”

The show tackles and tickles concepts from trans porn to fisting and everything in between, so unclench your mind and let your fingers do the clicking!

Photo: Instagram @steeleyourdaddy


Last modified: October 26, 2021