Ru the Day VH-1 Snatched The Snatch Game?

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Yes, it’s true: Effective immediately, Ru Paul’s Drag Race is no longer a property of LOGO, and beginning Friday, March 24, the show will be airing on VH-1, the network’s bigger and more mainstream sibling.

RuPaul to VH-1

The announcement caused an instant uproar across the internet, as angry gays wondered online why the most high-profile show on the only network dedicated to LGBT programming would have to be kicked upstairs to make money for VH-1. Conversely, some wondered what all the fuss was about. Now we’re asking you: Is this a big deal, or just some trivial nonsensical distraction, like Donald Trump accusing President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower?
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Last modified: July 27, 2017