Rules Are Made to Be Broken at the Olympics in Rio

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Before my flight to Rio de Janeiro, every news outlet was practically shouting to the thousands of tourists visiting to witness the Olympic Games this dire warning: DO NOT GET IN THE WATER, THERE IS BACTERIA. Well, don’t believe everything you read.

Rio Beach

Of course, I am one of those people who takes everything with a grain of salt, especially if that salt is salt water. And after my own personal investigation and the anecdotal evidence I’ve been able to uncover, no one has yet been infected with anything having to do with the water. In fact, it’s is absolutely gorgeous here.

Rio Beach

For accommodations, we picked an apartment in Leblon, an area recommended by many friends as the most upscale area of town, and for good reason. The beach in Leblon definitely has the most upscale crowd and the quality of both the water and sand is incredible.

Rio Beach

In Leblon, there are small makeshift gyms on the beach where you can watch the hot locals workout while you lounge around (no, I didn’t feel guilty for an instant, if you’re wondering). You can also watch the hot surfers ride the waves, or the the olive-skinned, lean locals play volleyball. I am telling you: It is quite a sight to behold.

I believe I could live here. I spent a few hours just strolling down the coast simply in awe at the number of gorgeous people, and glorious mountains and amazing coastline running from Leblon to Copacabana. It’s one kind of natural beauty everywhere you turn!

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Last modified: October 16, 2017