This Is Why Sam Morris Will Read You Poetry in the Nude

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Sam Morris Gets in the Bath

“Wearing masculinity as an outfit to conform is not healthy,” says the Berlin-based erotic artist and filmmaker Sam Morris. “Men should express both sides of their personalities freely, without prohibition, how and when they wish.”

The Erotic Films of Sam Morris

In his films, Morris embraces masculinity while also recognizing a man’s inherent femininity. (You can stream them on his website He believes that the body and sex can be explored in a beautiful, artistic way without being smutty or cheap.

Morris shoots models on their own terms. He never forces sexual encounters on them or on himself. He creates a safe space where models can live porn star fantasies or simply explore a little exhibitionism. Sex only takes place if it organically feels right and is appropriate in the moment.

“I look at my subject as how somebody would look at their boyfriend from across the bedroom in the morning,” Sam Morris explains. “That romantic yet vulnerable sensibility that only happens inside your own home. I want to capture something that is raw but sensitive. And I like the quirks and nervousness that goes alongside getting naked in front of a camera for the first time. I have no rules, and I tell my subjects this every time: nothing you do is wrong, and you can explore as far as you feel comfortable.”

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Sam Morris in Yellow Robe and Pink Leotard

Photos by Sam Morris

Sam Morris Reveals All

We spoke to Sam Morris as he prepared for a very special performance at Club Cumming. The event is slated to include Morris reading his poetry and speaking on gay erotica – in the buff.

INTERVIEWER: It seems like you share everything about yourself on What’s left to reveal at Club Cumming?

SAM MORRIS: The internet and the stage are two very different beasts. I’ll be bringing the cyber Sam to a tangible place, which is a super rare occurrence.

Where did the idea for this live show come from?

SM: It felt like the next step, to take things into a new arena, where I could face people in person and share my work with them more intimately.

Will you be doing the entire show in the nude?

SM: Pretty much.

How does the live show expand on your film art?

SM: I will be sharing some of the thoughts behind my work, as well my poetry, confronting the body, censorship, and erotica.

What is the state of gay erotica today?

SM: I think we’re seeing a new wave of sex explorative gay artists. It’s a super positive time to create erotica in this environment.

Do you follow the work of other artists?

SM: I normally just do my own thing, to be honest. I tend to follow the work of fashion photographers and take inspiration from that into my work.

What is one aspect of gay erotica that you haven’t tried yet that you might like to explore next?

SM: A piece of theatre such as a play, that pushes the limits like Shortbus did with film.

Sam Morris

Photos by Sam Morris

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Want More?

See sam Morris at Club Cumming (505 East 6th St.) on December 1st at 9pm with music by Nicole Brancato. Or stay up to date with his work by visiting him online at and following him on Instagram.

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Last modified: November 27, 2019