Looking for a Fragrance That Is as Unique as You Are?

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The Scentarium

If you’re looking for unique fragrances in NYC, The Scentarium may have what you’re looking for.

The Scentarium
85 Franklin Street, NYC

Have you ever noticed how certain scents appeal to certain people? While robust florals tantalize one, another responds to the musky aromas of sandalwood. Sue Phillips is an expert at finding just the right blend for every nose. That’s why celebrities like Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have availed themselves of her bespoke fragrances.

The charming, sophisticated Phillips is the founder of Scenterprises, Inc. and owner of the Tribeca studio known as The Scentarium. It is here that fragrance seekers are invited to build their own custom perfume or cologne based on their preferences — determined by Phillips’ Scent Personality Test (which she calls 99-percent accurate).
Questions range from “preferred weekend getaway” to “favorite item of clothing.” An individual’s answers reveal his or her affinity for certain fragrance families.

“The test really gives us a sense of your lifestyle, whether you are casual, sophisticated or sporty,” Phillips says. The results are used to create custom scent combinations selected from an exclusive collection of 18 blends, featuring high-end ingredients and essential oils from around the world.

“Each blend is a perfume on its own, but what makes this so great is you can select three or four that you really love and experience how they work together.” After you create your custom fragrance you will be asked to give your blend a name, which will be kept on file for when the time comes to refill your delicate glass bottle. “People who have created fragrances with me years ago still call to reorder,” Phillips says. The Scentarium currently holds a database of more than 6,000 custom client blends.

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Last modified: October 8, 2019