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Season One of Narcos Comes Home

Nowadays, Pablo Escobar is probably equally famous as infamous. The Columbian drug lord’s story has become as inextricably woven into our collective memory of the 1980s as cocaine itself, and he has surely earned his place among the pantheon of the great criminals.

Narcos Photo Courtesy Netflix

Despite furious efforts on behalf of the U.S. military, it still took years to bring him down. Had he been the insider that he always yearned to be (rather than an outsider branded as a criminal), he would almost certainly still be in power today. With Narcos, Netflix brings this story to life with great intimacy and fidelity. Then again — considering all the drugs, violence and lust for power — they didn’t need to embellish to make this series pop. THE WORD: While actors Boyd Holbrook (pictured) and Pedro Pascal make studly heroes, Wagner Moura steals the show as Escobar himself; he’ll be back when the second season of the series premieres this fall. WHERE TO WATCH: Home Video

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