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Cultures in Transformation

All this week on, we’re featuring Power Splurge — our collection of over-the-top indulgences that show you how to party like a millionaire, sweat like a celebrity, look like an A-Lister, hit the spa like a socialite and see the world like a baller.

Ever since we saw Titanic back in 1997, we’ve been obsessed with sailing the seas in style. And there’s no more luxuriant vessel than the QUEEN MARY 2, which offers a 134-day world cruise with 55 ports of call, including Cape Town, Dubai, Hong Kong, Naples, Auckland, Singapore, and Bali. Prices for a standard room start at around $31,000 per person. But if you’re going to traverse the globe a la Rose DeWitt Bukater, you may as well pull out all the stops. For $83,200 per person, you can book the Queens Grill Suite, which includes personal butler service, a stocked complimentary bar, 24-hour room service and a private balcony to see any iceberg collisions up close. (Just kidding.)

Don’t have 134 days, but do have a few extra bucks to spare? Check out Abercrombie & Kent’s AROUND THE WORLD BY PRIVATE JET: CULTURES IN TRANSFORMATION. There are only 50 spots available for the 26-day trek in 2018 at a cost of $135,000 per person. On this exclusive tour — in conjunction with the New York Times — you’ll travel with renowned Times writers, including columnist Nicholas Kristof, who’ll offer analysis and anecdotes about the places you visit. A Boeing 757 with first class accommodations for all (fully reclining seats, etc.) will whisk you to such exotic locations as Easter Island, Chile (where you’ll explore the famous monoliths) and Myanmar (where you’ll help light oil lamps at a Buddhist pagoda). At each spot (visit their website for the full itinerary), you’ll stay at only the finest hotels, such as J.W. Marriott and the Park Hyatt.

Britannia Restaurant

Britannia Restaurant, Queen Mary 2 by Cunard

Those with a flair for adventure (and deep enough pockets), can now book passage on Richard Branson’s SPACESHIPTWO, which takes patrons on a suborbital flight. (Translation for those without a science degree: the vessel reaches 62 miles, but doesn’t quite launch into orbit outside the Earth’s atmosphere.) Each of the six seats aboard the vessel — which is expected to start taking passengers in late 2017 — costs a cool $250,000. But isn’t a trip that’s literally out-of-this-world priceless?

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Last modified: November 10, 2017