Seeing Red: Be Part of a Ginger Calendar in the Making

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There’s a fine line between quiet confidence and superior swagger, and that line is bright red. On the one hand, it’s sexy to strut your self-assuredness for the whole world to see, but when you strictly define beauty in terms of tones and features, it can smack of exclusion.

After all, Pride is both a sin and a virtue.

But now, the founder of Red Hot is attempting to blur the aforementioned red line. “In society and somewhat within the ginger community, there has always been a bit of a hierarchy. Boys born with neon orange hair were classed as the unfortunates,” explains Thomas Knights in his Kickstarter statement.

“If a child was born with auburn hair, like myself, people would say in a backhanded compliment, ‘at least he doesn’t have that bright orange hair.’”

Knights is alchemizing judgment into joy and showcasing gingers as the pin-ups of yesterday, tomorrow and forever.

“In the world of Red Hot, we like to flip the switch. We think this extremely rare, bright orange hair colour should be celebrated. We think they are the ultimate redheads, superhuman, brightening up the world and bringing colour everywhere they go. To us, they are superheroes, they are the Super Gingers.”

Do you identify with the above description? If so, you could participate in Red Hot’s 2022 calendar shoot. The gay glamour brand is accepting submissions to their latest pictorial endeavor and placing YOU squarely in the spotlight.

According to their crimson casting call, “This is the year of the SUPER GINGERS. 12 of the hottest guys with the boldest and most striking orange hair on planet Earth star in our most confident and editorial calendar to date. Inspired by the decade that brought excess, glamour, sex, MTV, tabloid drama and the rise of the Supermodel, we are making it over the top, we are bringing back the 90’s.”

So, bust out your parachute pants and then get ready to strip them off again, because Red Hot leaves nothing to the imagination. They are painting 2022 red and making us blush in the process.

Photo: Instagram @thomasnights

Last modified: May 26, 2021