Selina Still Mired in Her Own Mess On VEEP

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As long-suffering Politico Selina Meyer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus seems doomed by the very title of her series to forever have the presidency just out of reach.

Photo Courtesy Lacey Terrell

Photo Courtesy Lacey Terrell

Nevertheless, Season Five sees Selena at her most conniving and hilarious as she continues her struggle to stay atop a very muddy Capitol Hill — taking repeated tumbles thanks to twists of fate and the foibles of her silly staff. Highlights from the season include Hugh Laurie returning as a political rival; Jonah (perhaps the show’s least likeable character) being groomed for Congress; a surprisingly hilarious funeral for Selina’s mother; and the coming out of Selina’s dowdy daughter Catherine. Catherine also spends the season filming a behind-the-scenes documentary about her mother’s administration, which culminates in a memorable climax for this sharp, often unconventional series. THE WORD: America’s most scathing political comedy is also, likely, its most accurate. WHERE TO WATCH: Home Video

Last modified: July 28, 2017