“Sense8” Star Miguel Ángel Silvestre: Gay People Are My People

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Miguel Ángel Silvestre, a native of Spain who plays the formerly closeted Mexican macho film star Lito Rodriquez on Sense8, is one of our favorite coverboys.

Although he is not gay in real life, he’s a protogé of out director Pedro Almodóvar, and was raised to understand that gay people may love others of the same sex, but that is something to be respected and appreciated.

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In the story arc of Sense8, Lito begins as a macho action star secretly in love with college professor Hernando (played by Alfonso Herrera). After he’s outed when a jealous boyfriend finds sexual photos of the couple on his girlfriend’s phone, Lito’s career tanks; but during a trip to Pride in Sao Paulo, he begins to realize his old fan base has been replaced by an entirely new audience of diehard allies in the LGBTQ community. We caught up with him at the cast party to launch the show’s second season. Three weeks after its debut, Netflix cancelled the series — then just as suddenly reversed their decision when the internet exploded in protest. We’re so delighted that Lito and the Sense8s will return, and grateful for the time Miguel spent giving so eloquently of himself in our cover story interview.

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Last modified: July 25, 2019