These Are 15 Series on Netflix Where You Can See Naked Men

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Naked Actor Andy Whitfield in Spartacus

Seeing a naked man in cinema is like a one-night stand. Sure, it’s often the most honest moment you’ll share with him in the time you watch his character’s story unfold. But how well did you really get to know him?

However, seeing a man naked in series television often offers a richer experience. In many cases, you’ve gotten to know him, his world, what he loves, what he fears. And then suddenly you’re sharing a whole new level of intimacy. He might be at his sexiest or his most vulnerable. His towel could have slipped on the way from the shower or he might have gotten hilariously locked out of his hotel room. So we’ve gathered 15 series where you can sneak a peek. It might be from the front. It might be from the back. Sometimes it’s in nearly every episode, and sometimes it is rare, indeed. But when it shows up, you’ll be glad you tuned in.


David Duchovny plays a writer facing struggles when it comes to his career, his daughter and his voracious sexual appetite.

Club de Cuervos

In this series – also known as “Club of Crows” – a man dies, leaving his family to struggle for control of his soccer team, the titular Cuervos of the fictional city of Nuevo Toledo, Mexico.

The Borgias

Jeremy Irons plays the patriarch of a very attractive family angling to achieve power in fifteenth century Italy no matter how many immoral maneuvers it takes. Oh, and he’s the Pope!

House of Cards

Francis and Claire Underwood are determined to rise from the halls of Congress to the pinnacle of the Washington, DC power ladder — sampling a variety of sexual partners along the way.


Gillian Jacobs plays a thrillseeker stringing along a pitiable nebbish in this entertainment industry-adjacent romantic comedy from Judd Apatow.

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Steven Van Zandt (The Sopranos) exchanges Jersey for Norway as he plays a mobster who goes into hiding after testifying against his former partners in crime.


Richard Madden (Game of Thrones, Bodyguard) plays Cosimo Medici, who must rise to control his family’s financial dynasty upon his father’s untimely death.

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Marco Polo

Lorenzo Richelmy plays the title character, who is left to battle palace intrigue and martial artists when he ends up stranded in the thirteenth century Mongolian court of Kublai Khan.

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This Aussie dramedy focuses on obstetrician Nina Proudman and her attempts to find love while managing the messes of her eccentric family and friends.


Go time traveling with Claire Randall, a WWII nurse from 1945, who ends up in Scotland of 1743. She becomes immediately wrapped up in highland drama involving sexy assignations and many beautiful men who end up wearing very little.


In this series from the Wachowski siblings, a group of eight people – including a secretly gay Mexican movie star – find themselves telepathically linked. They must use one another’s talents to navigate a dangerous conspiracy that threatens their very existence – and occasionally have amazing group sex!

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Set in ancient times, the series follows the exploits of Spartacus, a gladiator who famously led a rebellion against the Romans. In addition to much debauchery, there’s some gay romance to sweeten the deal.

Top Boy

Welcome to a rough public housing estate in North London, where the actions of two drug dealers have far-reaching consequences.

The Tudors

Dreamy Jonathan Rhys Meyers and former Superman Henry Cavill are among the hunks strutting through this re-imagining of the life (and many marriages) of King Henry VIII.


When Louis XIV relocates his royal court to the opulent palace of Versailles, all manner of sex and intrigue ensue.

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