Sex Toy Story: The Rise and Fall of Nacho Vidal

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If you DON’T want to hear about a well-endowed porn star trying to cure his friend’s cocaine addiction by administering psychedelic toad venom and ultimately killing him, then by all means: move along.

Hmm, still here? Well then, let’s party.

Nacho Vidal is famous for selling replicas of his famous wang as sex toys. You can “get your fill” of Nacho by feasting on four stylishly colored dildos: magenta, pink, black, or beige. The devices measure 25cm (almost 10 inches), so he’s not exactly a shrinking flower.

But Nacho bit off more than he could chew when he attempted to transition from adult film performer to amateur shaman.

Oh, he also dabbles in perfume making and erotic candles.

Aw, and they say romance is dead.

Anywho, Nacho (whose real name is Ignacio Jordà González) concocted a hallucinogenic compound out of Colorado River toad venom. He cooked the material and encouraged his friend to inhale the toxic vapors.

Because… science?

Indeed, the intended effect of this oddball ritual was to trigger neurotransmitters that replicate feelings of happiness in the subject. Nacho was hoping to wean his companion off of cocaine by replacing it with burning amphibian secretions.

Y’know, that old line.

But here’s the shocker: it turned out to be a bad idea. Nacho’s guest choked on the fumes and died.

The incident happened two years ago, but Spanish authorities recently charged Nacho with reckless homicide for his role in the photographer’s demise. If he is found guilty, the stud’s Pour Homme commercials, in which he suggestively turns his tattooed back to camera in what look like a prison shower situation, will take on a whole new resonance.

In the meantime, fans can still enjoy Nacho’s 10,000 steamy sex scenes, personal products, and penis-shaped perfume bottles.

Smells like victory!

Whether found innocent or guilty, Nacho Vidal’s warped legacy endures in every butt plug, vibrator and orgasm he serves. Keep smiling!

Photo: Instagram @nachovidalxxx

Last modified: September 15, 2021