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Sexual Health Men is a professional wide-ranging service where men can find a variety of procedures suited to specific needs and desires. Men are varied and so are their needs. So, welcome all men! We are here to assist you discreetly, professionally, and at your convenience.

Should I Increase Length?

“No, and for two reasons.

First, without surgery, increasing the length of your member is nearly impossible. True, some techniques claim that they can increase length, but in reality, all they do is stretch out what’s already there. Surgery, though, is much more invasive. A doctor usually increases the length by moving the inner-part of the penis forward and then shifting around other body parts to make room for it.

Second, the average size, in length, is about 5.5″ in the United States. That in itself is pretty long! The body can only handle but so much. Most vaginal canals and rectums are limited in depth. So, instead of worrying about length, a man who is concerned about pleasing his partner should focus on emotional intimacy before and after sex, his moves during sex, and his girth.

Why girth? The nerve endings and the sensations that are derived from sex are intimately connected. As each nerve ending is hit, multiple times, the brain becomes overloaded with the right kind of hormones. Then, orgasm. Suffice to say that if your member is too thin, you may miss the critical nerve endings, thereby failing to please.

Male Enhancement with Fillers, a procedure in my office is designed to address just that—lack of girth. While at times, the length may also be adjusted—ever so slightly—the primary goal is increasing girth. Most men and women are already infatuated with girth. Why not give them what they want!”

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Is Your BOTOX® Diluted?

“This is one of the most popular questions asked in any cosmetician’s office. What’s more, when unsatisfied with results, a disgruntled patient’s automatic response is to include the dilution of BOTOX® in their review. So, what’s the truth? Is BOTOX® diluted?

Yes, BOTOX® is diluted—because it has to be! Allergan Co., the makers of BOTOX®, set the standard of what to do with the product. So, yes, every doctor has to “dilute” his BOTOX®! Why?

BOTOX® comes as a powder. Allergan Co., specifies how much liquid to add to the bottle to reconstitute it. The changes to the product are visible as it is rehydrated. What’s used to reconstitute it? You’ll be pleased to know that the makers of BOTOX® are clear that only a limited amount of saline solution can be used. That is called reconstitution.

How is reconstitution different from dilution? To dilute a product is to add a thinner to it. A thinner like water, for example. That makes the product less effective and is often done in a way that is difficult to discern. Reconstitution, however, is adding a liquid to a powder or solid with the intent of rehydrating it. In this way, the product becomes malleable, flexible and injectable. Adding water to BOTOX® is dangerous and can pose perilous side effects. Therefore, no doctor would dilute BOTOX®.”

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How Long Will Results Last?

“Each cosmetic product has an ‘Effective Until’ date. The makers of the product state this upfront. For example, if you visit the Restylane product page—made by Galderma—under the FAQ section, it is written that ‘Restylane is a non-permanent injectable product, [whose] effect gradually diminishes with time.’ Therefore, ‘top-up treatments are recommended.’ The initial results obtained are only maintained with follow-up treatments. The post concludes with ‘results may vary depending on treatment areas.’

What does that mean? Simply put, injectable products are created with a specific purpose in mind. While a cosmetic product can be flexible to do what you need it to do, it still has certain limitations.

Take BOTOX®, for example. BOTOX® was designed and manufactured with forehead wrinkles in mind. Injected into the right spot, BOTOX® temporarily paralyzes the muscle, thereby removing the effects of furrowing your brows and leaving creases on your forehead. Essentially, it “removes” wrinkles on the forehead. However, take the same product and use it for another concern and, while it may work, it won’t be as effective and indeed won’t last as long.

Another factor to keep in mind is that some products disintegrate quicker due to your body’s metabolism. High metabolism can reduce a product’s effectiveness.

Lastly, some products can last up to 2 years and others only 1. While some products just last six months and others 3. So, before being administered a particular product, ask your doctor about your options. It may be that a product that lasts up to 2 years would suit you better, given the circumstances.” for additional information.

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Last modified: August 2, 2019