She’s No Lady: Gaga Meets A**play

Written by | The Lens

Lady Gaga’s latest hit, Sour Candy, is too subtle for its own good. What could she possibly mean by the cryptic lyrics “You want a real taste” or “Come, come unwrap me” or “I’m hard on the outside, but if you see inside, inside, inside”?

Luckily, comedic composer Jake Jacob is deconstructing the Oscar-winning diva from the ground up in Power Bottom. His ode to posterior penetration is piling up attention due to its frank depiction of backend love-let-loose.

Jacob stars in the video for Power Bottom, playing a naïve ingénue who stumbles unwittingly into the most oversexed gym of all time. Upon his arrival, he is greeted by the likes of adult performers Judas King and Adrian Hart.

As our hero delves deeper into the den of debauchery, he encounters more sinful persuasion from Dakota Payne, who spreads his legs as well as his naughty knowledge.

Power Bottom espouses the virtues of personability, preparation, and proper hygiene with stanzas such as “If you can get dirty, then he’ll get it extra clean. First he has to shower and have nothing to eat.”

The action gets hot and invasive, but the lads manage to take a time-out to twerk their fashion sense, flashing signature skivvies designed by porn fave Beaux Banks.

As the narrative continues to unfold, an uptight kween descends into a popper-induced hallucination, emerging from the sensual haze to find herself surrounded by an ocean of well-toned buns. Jacob joins the orgasmic festivities, sporting a skimpy thong as derrières writhe to the techno beat pulsing all around him.

Inhibitions and innocence are cast away in the towel bin of irrelevance as Jacob devours the meaty man-cakes on display. “Come fund me ass-up, I can take 10 cut,” he pleads. “I prefer some girth, rock it back and forth.”

By the end (pun intended) of the video, our protagonist has truly become the titular Power Bottom of which he croons. Mission ASScomplished.

Last modified: November 24, 2020