Slap and Tickle: The Erotic Dichotomy of Joe Mazza’s Photography

Written by | The Lens

Homosexuality is thrillingly dangerous. We flirt in code, we hook up in the shadows, and we trade submission for domination with relative ease.

Even our stereotypical “cruiser” iconography is an amalgam of hard and soft. Leather, straps, and sneers cavort with an undeniable yearning that begs to be penetrated, bursting an otherwise ironclad bubble of machismo.

Joe Mazza captures queer culture’s eternal fascination with versatility. His models are impossibly muscular and imposing…

…yet they’re staring right at you.

What could these hunks have in mind?

Our dirty thoughts race alongside our throbbing pulse, driving us into sensual overdrive.

Mazza masterminds a unique blend of giddy abandon and gritty adulation. The subjects who embody his vision are delectably swarthy and utterly sexy, inspiring the photographer to delve further and further into the gay mystique.

“My passion was always to explore stories, themes and the vulnerabilities of men,” explains Mazza on his website.

“So much of the male persona has been programmed to hide their vulnerabilities and being able work with men who have been willing to let themselves go and be open to exploring those themes has been a privilege.”

The privilege is all ours, Mr. Mazza. We are glued to your gaze and gaga over your NSFW content.

But, just like the studs who shape his portfolio, there is more than meets the eye. Joe Mazza has contributed considerable time and creativity to philanthropic endeavors over the years.

From the Budweiser Buddies with Benefits calendar to Real Bad, Mazza does so much good.

On the other end of the photographic spectrum, the shutterbug also helped craft the opening credits of Netflix’s genre defying series Sense8.

Such is the delicate balance of Mazza’s rugged humanity. He simultaneously reveals our weaknesses while polishing our armor. The battlefield has never been so alluring.

Photo: Instagram @themaleimagephoto

Last modified: January 8, 2022