A List of Spendy Spas to Take Your Breath and Stress Away

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Four Seasons Maldives

All this week on Metrosource.com, we’re featuring Power Splurge — our collection of over-the-top indulgences that show you how to party like a millionaire, sweat like a celebrity, look like an A-Lister, hit the spa like a socialite and see the world like a baller.

In these stressful times, sleep is a precious commodity. The OM SUPTI NIGHT SPA RITUAL at the Four Seasons in the Maldives prepares busy bodies for a night of soothing shut-eye. At 10 pm, couples report to a private, candlelit jungle clearing and choose between either a facial or massage. After the two-and-a-half hour treatment (that costs $750 for two people), guests can then plunge in the al fresco bath or doze off in a swinging bed under the stars. One caveat: Appointments may be cancelled due to inclement weather. Oh, Mother Nature — how dare you get in the way of our spa time? fourseasons.com/maldiveslg

Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental

What’s more indulgent than stretching out and having one masseur caress the kinks out of your overworked back and feet? Letting two masseurs have their way with you. During the Mandarin Oriental hotels’ signature ORIENTAL HARMONY TREATMENT, you’ll enjoy a consultation with an attendant to discuss the problem areas you want to focus on during the massage. Then, you’ll dip your feet into relaxing bath before a pair of attendants soothe your body for a blissful 110 minutes. Prices vary by location — starting at $820 in New York and $530 in Las Vegas. mandarinoriental.com

El Dorado

El Dorado

And now it’s time for the gold standard of massages: At the El Dorado Hotel & Spa in Santa Fe, New Mexico, check out the signature SPUN GOLD MASSAGE ($180 for 80 minutes). The treatment begins with a dry skin brushing, followed next by hot stones placed in key areas on your back. An attendant then takes warm chamomile oil — containing flecks of real gold — and massages it into your skin. Over the top? Definitely. But working gold into the skin also reportedly has several benefits, including reduced sun damage and increased elasticity. eldoradohotel.com

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Last modified: July 26, 2018