STOLI® VODKA Celebrates PRIDE 2021 with Harvey Milk Global Collector’s Edition Bottle 

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Stoli® Vodka and The Harvey Milk Foundation have launched the limited stock Stoli® Harvey Milk Global Collector’s Edition Bottle, featuring art from Paraguayan artist Oz Montania. Stoli has worked with The Harvey Milk Foundation in this capacity before, having launched the first Harvey Milk Bottle in 2018, commemorating the 40th anniversary of Milk taking office in 1978 as the first openly gay elected official in California.

“The Harvey Milk Foundation is excited to see our long term partnership with Stoli Vodka go global this year”, said Miriam Richter, Harvey Milk Foundation Education Director and Counsel  “The 2021 HMF/Stoli collaboration is a message to people all over the globe that visibility is vital and that hope cannot be silenced, not just LGBTQ+ people, but for ALL people.”

Established by Harvey Milk’s nephew, Stuart Milk, and his campaign manager, Anne Kronenberg, the Harvey Milk Foundation works around the globe to empower and support LGBTQ+ voices and communities. Keeping with Harvey Milk’s values and vision for the future, the Harvey Milk Foundation works for a diverse and liberated world where everyone is free to be their authentic selves.

“As a company recommitting itself as a true global organization devoted  to sustainable equality, there could be no better partner for the first true Stoli® Global LGBTQ+ Limited Edition than the Harvey Milk Foundation (HMF)” said Patrik Gallineaux, Global LGBTQ+ Ambassador for Stoli®. “Harvey Milk’s legacy and spirit and the Harvey Milk Foundation’s unparalleled work around the globe transcend borders and uplift Stoli®’s  promise to liberate authentic voices in pursuit of a better world.”

This past year has seen the world band together, finding ways to stay connected and care for each other despite all the challenges and obstacles the pandemic put in front of us. It saw the cancellation of in-person Pride celebrations around the world, altering the rhythms by which we express our Pride. Historically, Pride has provided a platform and opportunity for LGBTQ+ people and their allies to come together and it is with this in mind that Stoli is launching this commemorative limited edition bottle globally.

As a global effort, the 2021 HMF/Stoli this collaboration is a way to remind the world that despite the necessary changes to the way Pride is celebrated this year, the spirit of pride Pride remains strong and while we gather virtually for the most part, we can make the most of it together. Paraguayan street artist Oz Montania’s mural inspired art will be featured on the label, a reminder that Pride is powerful. and political.

“Creating the art for the second Harvey Milk commemorative bottle with Stoli is an honor and a privilege for me,” said Oz Monania. “With this global launch we will be able to highlight Harvey Milk’s life’s work that has inspired countless organizations and individuals to this day around the world. The image is taken from the 1978 Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco, where Harvey Milk and other marchers held signs protesting the Briggs Initiative – a state proposition that would have made it mandatory for school boards to fire openly gay and lesbian teachers. Using those iconic reference images, I re-imagined a contemporary crowd in the background, depicting Harvey Milk’s leadership legacy that continues to this day. This work serves to honor the legacy of an exceptional human being,” concluded Oz Montania.

The famed Harvey Milk quote, “Hope Will Never Be Silent”, will feature prominently in the new artwork for the Stolichnaya® vodka bottle. Stoli® has long championed the LGBTQ+ community, showing its commitment to equality and diversity since the 1990s. Partnering with the Harvey Milk Foundation stresses the importance of knowing and understanding LGBTQ+ history, and Stoli has committed to voicing its hope out loud.

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Stoli® Vodka       1 ½ parts

Pear Juice            1 part

Fresh Lime Juice               Squeeze

Fresh Lime          Garnish




Stoli® Vodka       2 parts

Blood Orange Liqueur    2 parts

Fresh Lemon Juice           1 part

Blood Orange Slice           Garnish




Stoli® Vodka       2 parts

Tomato Juice     4 parts

Fresh Lemon Juice           ½ part

Freshly Grated Horseradish         ¼ part

Worcestershire sauce    Dash

Hot Sauce            Dash

Salt & Pepper    Dash

Assorted Garnish

Last modified: June 24, 2021