Stop Paying Attention to Marjorie Failure Greene

Written by | The Lens

You know her initials: MTG. Unfortunately, you also know her legacy: WTF.

We refuse to say her name aloud for fear that she’ll suddenly appear in a bloody mirror like a banshee feasting on the souls of fresh kittens.

Yup, that’s her.

Anywho, Marjorie Taylor Mean created a legacy of lunacy by harassing survivors of the Parkland school shooting back in 2019.

Class act with a capital A-S-S.

For her next performance, Margarine Tainted Green decided to compare her mild discomfort while wearing a mask to the unspeakable atrocities suffered by Jews during the Holocaust.

When the world recoiled from her unique brand of rancid bile, STD – oops, we mean MTG issued a tepid apology. She pretended as if she had never really heard of the Holocaust and was faux-shocked that she had offended anyone.

But oh, how quickly she has forgotten that brief lesson in humility and humanity.

That’s right, Artery Slayer Gein is up to her old tricks and this time, she’s targeting the HIV community with a bracing dose of awfulness and aw-shucks ignorance.

The above tweet by she-who-shall-not-be-properly-named accomplishes several nefarious goals at once:

  • It belittles the bravery of those who are thriving with HIV, as well as the millions who love them.
  • It ignores the basic science behind COVID transmission.
  • It cements Large Marj as the biggest festering pustule on society’s rectum.

Congrats, gurl! You just graduated from a-hole to A+ hole.

Unfortunately, MTG isn’t just a monster; she’s an unoriginal monster. Two days before Misery TayTay Latrine posted her idiocy, another aspiring dipshit beat her to the pathetic punch.

When DUHvern Spicer turned heads with her treacherous tweet, Marjie got maddie! Someone else was threatening to steal the spotlight from Greene-Greene the hillbilly pageant queen.

Hence, Dumb copied Dumber and echoed the exact same slander against Magic Johnson in the name of “conservative” values.

In the spirit of Halloween month, we should all learn a lesson from the original Nightmare on Elm Street. Spoiler alert: the film’s heroine defeats Freddy Krueger by turning her back on him, thus depriving him of fear and energy.

That’s the only way MTG-spot will go away: if we ignore the crap out of her.

Since she’s a total joke, let’s all laugh at her expense. Enjoy SNL’s take on MTG with an LOL and an OMG.

Last modified: October 19, 2021