T-post: A Wearable Magazine

Written by | Lifestyle

Founded by Peter Lundgren back in 2004, T-post is the world’s first “wearable magazine.” Lundgren started out by giving five T-shirts to friends in northern Sweden.


Today, the publication, which is printed on the inside of a T-shirt (pictured), is released in a limited edition to subscribers in over 50 countries. The brand, heavily influenced by what’s happening in the world right now, combines art and writing with what may be the most collectible canvas ever invented: the graphic T-shirt. T-post has collaborated with an extensive list of artists, brands and designers; their most popular issue to date is a shirt commemorating late Beastie Boy MCA. Subscribers to T-post are guaranteed to receive every sought-after issue in the mail each month so they never end up with, as they call it, “a hole in their T-post collection.” Learn more about this unique juxtaposition of fashion and journalism at tpostmag.com.

Last modified: March 13, 2018