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A new cleanse puts the emphasis on weight loss by cutting out sugar-heavy fruit and offering a vivid array of nutrients.

There’s a colorful new way to lose weight, boost energy and supercharge your health. In The Rainbow Juice Cleanse, Dr. Ginger Southall explains how fruit can be be problematic for people engaging in traditional juice cleanses — especially if your goal is weight loss or if you have blood sugar–related issues such as diabetes — because it contains so much natural sugar. So Southall came up with an alternative.

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The book starts by walking readers through shopping for the necessary ingredients to create a series of fresh, raw, primarily vegetable-based juices which are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet — hence, the cleanse’s name.

Southall recommends that those who are new to this type of detox start with one of two paths to prepare their bodies and minds for the cleanse ahead. The “Two-Week Rainbow Warm-up” introduces the cleanse juices, while still allowing participants to continue a more-or-less normal diet. The “One-Week Rainbow Rev-Up” speeds up the transition process by dictating that you consume only the cleanse juices and a regimen of recommended foods and recipes (from among the more than 50 featured in the book).

Next comes the actual cleanse. During this period, you will only be consuming phytonutrient-loaded, low-glycemic juices for seven days. Dieters on the cleanse — if it is performed properly — can expect to lose up to seven pounds as they drink through a different color of the rainbow every day.

Wondering what the juice recipes are like? One example is Dr. Ginger’s Purple Lemonade (pictured), which contains purple kale, purple cauliflower, cucumber, the juice of half a lemon, and the sweetener stevia to taste. It’s worth noting that consuming purple kale has been shown to help protect the body from a variety of common toxins.

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Southall specializes in educating people how to heal their bodies through nutrition, and has specifically designed this cleanse to offer maximum anti-aging, energy-renewing and body-balancing benefits — in addition to help shed those pesky pounds. Visit therainbowjuicecleanse.com to learn more about her food philosophy.

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Last modified: July 30, 2019