That’s a Wrap: Kaftans and Couture and Bears, Oh My!

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Not all heroes wear capes, but the most fabulous ones certainly do. To be more precise, they wear kaftans that reveal their lovable bulk, ample chests, and the associated fur that springs eternal from every delectable vista.

See what we mean?

That’s Oday Shakar, Designer and Co-Founder of Kaftko, a clothing company that dreams big for those of us who live large. Traditional thinking dictates that kaftans are shapeless coverings that obscure one’s curves. But Shakar brushes aside that tired notion and ushers forth the age of bear beachwear.

“I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time,” beams the va va va voom visionary. “Easy to wear, fun, joyful, and not limited by gender. I couldn’t find it, so I made it.”

And the resulting threads stitched together a sense of fantasy and frivolity. Kaftko is playful, provocative and pleasurable to both the wearer and the casual observer. Have we mentioned how hunkalicious Shakar’s business partner is?

Before you abandon us for an afternoon spent cruising James Adelman’s Insta, please lift your jaw from the floor and get ready for more!

Kaftko attracts (purposeful word choice) *the* hottest models on Gawd’s gay earth. Exhibit Yay:

Yes, that’s an actual human man and not a 3D printing of our most robust desires.

But in addition to drawing the attention of hairy, bulging swimsuit subjects, Kaftko is getting a boost from the celebrity set. Ross Mathews has teamed with Shakar on a signature line of indulgence-infused kaftans and revealing trunks guaranteed to put the sex in your beach.

In addition to the rainbow embrace of their Pride-O-Scope prints, the Ross x Kaftko collab features Kiss Kiss purple-and-pink pop art designs that put their mouths where your moneymaker is.

Kaftko has also recently unveiled their Palm Springs line, but they will always hold a place in our covetous queer hearts as the perennial platform for bears on the prowl.

Grr, times a million. Now let’s all cool off with a trip to Gay Bay, where the kaftans flow like the seductive waters that lap lasciviously onto the shore. Slurp ahoy!

Photo: Facebook @kaftko



Last modified: August 10, 2021