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The 2015 Metrosource Gift Guide

Mad Men: The Complete

Relive the fabulous fashions, shocking plot twists, smoking, drinking and nascent civil rights movements with the entire award-winning series on Blu-ray. Bonus materials include four hours of special features and a pair of Don Draper’s swank tumblers, to boot.($210, )

The 2015 Metrosource Gift Guide

The Hermés Apple Watch

The Hermés Apple Watch combines the stately grace that is the hallmark of Hermés design with the latest and greatest in wearable Apple technology. Choose from a variety of sleek and elegant wristbands — from double-long straps that wrap to bold cuffs. When will he know he’s arrived? When he checks the time on an Hermés Apple Watch. ($1,100–$1,500,

The 2015 Metrosource Gift Guide

The Smartphone Projector

Though the term “blowing up my phone” usually refers to receiving an overabundance of text messages, this clever gadget does it more literally. Simply pop your phone into the handsome package and project whatever’s on your phone screen — from your vacation selfies to the latest episode of your favorite show — will be magnified and projected onto walls, screens or whatever empty space you have handy. ($32,

The 2015 Metrosource Gift Guide

Poppin’s Ping Pong Table

Meet, eat or compete with this unique and beautifully-designed table from Poppin that comfortably seats eight for meetings or meals and then easily converts into a ping-pong table. It even has a hidden compartment to store the equipment. When it comes to combining business and party, it certainly beats the mullet. ($3,200,

The 2015 Metrosource Gift Guide

Molton Brown Signature Washes Gift Set for Him

Wake up his winter showers with this collection of body washes in scents guys love. Molton Brown has chosen three of their ultimate men’s blends — citrusy Bushukan, zesty Silver Birch, and spicy Black Peppercorn — to give him deeply-cleansed, great smelling skin at home, when traveling or at the gym. ($75,

The 2015 Metrosource Gift Guide

Kikkerland’s Portable
BBQ Suitcase

Form meets function perfectly in this neat package, which incorporates a portable, high-grade, stainless steel charcoal grill that offers enough room to cook a meal for two with a mess-free ash catcher and a handy suitcase to make your feast truly moveable. Not sure if he’s a fan of cooking over an open flame? To paraphrase Mom: Maybe he just hadn’t met the right grill yet. ($80,

The 2015 Metrosource Gift Guide

USB Typewriter

Take your computer or tablet time traveling back to the days when cranking out the written word came accompanied by the satisfying clickety-clack of typewriter keys. You can plug the it into any USB-capable device — including PC and Mac platforms. Plus, the design is new and improved to include modern keyboard necessities like ctrl, alt, esc and arrow keys. Combine the thrill of a throwback with the convenience of modern technology. ($899,

The 2015 Metrosource Gift Guide

Tiffany & Co. Cuff Links

There’s no arbiter of fine jewelry quite like Tiffany’s, a claim exemplified in these beautiful cuff links by designer Jean Schlumberger. From left to right: shells with red paillonné enamel and diamonds; textured seeds; umbrellas with blue paillonné enamel; and umbrellas with green paillonné enamel. ($2,700–$4,950,

The 2015 Metrosource Gift Guide

WestOne’s W40 Earbuds

Seeking earbuds that will allow you to hear more clearly than any other currently on the market? You don’t necessarily want Dr. Dre’s buzzed-about Beats (which can amp up the bass out of proportion). Westone’s keep the bass in its proper place in the sonic picture and offer a first-class ticket to listening nirvana.($500,

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