The 5 June Albums We Want Now

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Whether you start the season at Memorial Day or the solstice, it’s still not summer. But it’s not too early to think about your summer playlists, is it?

(Of course it isn’t.)

Five Metrosource favorites have albums due in the next 30 days. So just get here now, summer, OK?

June 2

Florence + The Machine
How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

This one’s quite overdue, frankly, since Florence’s last studio album was 2011’s Ceremonials. While that album was about death and escape, Florence Welch has said How Big will be “about trying to learn how to live, and how to love in the world rather than trying to escape from it.” Singles include “What Kind of Man,” “Ship to Wreck” and the just-dropped “Delilah.”

Indigo Girls
One Lost Day

Amy and Emily’s career longevity landed them on our 25th Anniversary Issue’s list of our favorite 25 LGBT music artists and allies. One Lost Day, the Girls’ 14th album (!!), doesn’t have them resting on their laurels, though; “We took some chances … with a new producer [Jordan Hamlin], engineer, and various musicians,” Emily told Guitar World.

June 12

Adam Lambert
The Original High

Confession: Since Lambert released his “Ghost Town” video, there have been so many battles in the Metrosource office over how many times we’re allowed to stream it. Let’s just say that of the more than 2 million views it’s gotten on YouTube, you have Metrosource to thank for approximately half of them. The Original High is Lambert’s first album to be released on Warner Bros.; Queen’s Brian May appears on “Lucy,” a rather kickass choice.

Giorgio Moroder
Déjà Vu

Early this year, the Italian dance whiz dropped the single “Right Here, Right Now” featuring Australian dance whiz Kylie Minogue. Additional tracks on Déjà Vu feature Sia, Charli XCX, Britney and Kelis. Strap in and get sweaty.

June 15

No Place in Heaven

Mika makes a perfect summer soundtrack: bubblegum pop on the surface, strong statements below. Already released tracks include “Talk About You” with its toe-tapping “Lollipop” happiness and “Last Party,” a pensive love letter to Freddie Mercury.

Last modified: March 9, 2018