The Affair Season 1, Now on DVD

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This award-winning series tells the story of an
affair between a man (a writer and father of four) on vacation with his family and a local woman (also married and recovering from the death of her child).

Dominic West and Ruth Wilson

Photo courtesy of Showtime

It also tells the story of a murder, as the man and woman (pictured) separately recall the events of that summer to an investigating detective. But what makes the series so special is that, as each retells the same story, the audience is allowed to see the distinct differences in how it unfolded from his or her point of view. This offers the series the kind of rich texture one would expect from a show created by Sarah Treem (who wrote for the first season of the Netflix blockbuster House of Cards) and Hagai Levi (of HBO’s subtle, emotional exploration of therapy In Treatment). The show does an excellent job of carefully parceling out information across the first season’s 10 episodes, so there are still plenty of questions to be answered when the next season begins this October. THE WORD: The all-star cast includes Dominic West, Maura Tierney, Joshua Jackson and Mare Winningham, but Ruth Wilson (as the female half of the affair) stands out — and took home a Golden Globe of her own to prove it. COMING TO: Home Video

Last modified: July 27, 2017