The Crafty Lumberjacks Wish You a Hairy Holiday

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Christmas is a cacophony of contradictions. It is a time of giving and receiving, of bounty and need, of green and red – what breeder chose that color scheme, bee-tee-double-u (BTW)? To make the yuletide gay, we must embrace the garish style of the season while simultaneously expressing our fabulous flair, and who better to guide our slay (sleigh) than the Crafty Lumberjacks?

These hirsute influencers combine masculine aesthetics and queer panache to establish a holiday brand that has spilled through social media like eggnog from your drunken uncle’s goatee. Andrew Boza and Dennis Setteducati are quickly gaining notoriety in the realm of holiday tastemakers with designs that will tickle your inner handyman.

For example, the Crafty Lumberjacks’ Christmas tree this year is a mélange of manly plaid accoutrements and dainty, festive flourishes. Note the handmade candy-cane ninja stars festooning the be-tinseled branches that shimmer with unabashed flamboyance.

We la-la-love the hatchets hanging on the wall, like two sets of calloused hands holding one another lovingly at a rural Scottish Pride parade. The rustic life partners have brought their unique sensibilities to a diverse array of LGBTQ outlets like Gay Star News and Urban Bear, but now the Crafty Lumberjacks are going mainstream. You may have seen their buoyant, bearded mugs on The Chew, Good Morning America, The Rachel Ray Show or Live with Kelly and Ryan.

The key to Dennis and Andrew’s appeal is refined simplicity. Their wonderfully woodsy perspective results in such deconstructed do-it-yourself triumphs as these ornamental inversions.

By showcasing their decorated balls (pause for naughty giggles) with just a dash of evergreenery, the Crafty Lumberjacks upend expectations and make you pine for more (pun firmly intended). It seems the only organism on god’s gay earth who isn’t impressed by the Crafty Lumberjacks is their adorably aloof cat, Teddy.

Me-ow, indeed. But the guys’ unrequited love for their catty kitty inspired them to make cruelty-free poinsettias that won’t make your fur baby sick this holiday season.

From soap dispensers to dreidels to decorations galore, the Crafty Lumberjacks are creating a forest of fierce gift ideas. “Log” on to their vibe!

Photo: Instagram @craftylumberjacks

Last modified: December 14, 2020