The Gayest City on Earth Is About to Have a Homophobic Congressman

Written by | The Lens

Does this headline make you angry? Well then, vote your ass off! That’s the only way we can make sure that Palm Springs isn’t represented by trump-loving, gay-hating congressman Ken Calvert.

Thanks to redistricting, the sitting representative will see his constituency shift from a ruby-red slice of California’s Inland Empire to a more diverse mélange of voters. In addition to Palm Springsians, residents of Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert will have the opportunity to kick Calvert to the curb.

Why is this essential, you may ask? Let us count the ways…

First of all, lapdog Kenny voted with the impeached, disgraced 45th president of the United States on 96.8% of every issue during trump’s one (hehe) term.

Secondly, Calvert’s own website still proudly displays his anti-LGBTQ stance on marriage equality. Here’s a distasteful taste:

“I support the people’s right to define ‘marriage’ as only between a man and a woman through a constitutional amendment… I believe that we can practice tolerance while still holding true to cultural values that protect the institution of marriage as a union between only a man and a woman.”

Hmm, redundant and regressive. What a candidate!

Now, before you question whether or not caveman Ken has evolved since trashing same-sex marriage back in 2009, spoiler alert: he hasn’t.

As recently as February of 2021, Calvert opposed the Equality Act, which is designed to protect queer people, women, and people of color against discrimination on a federal level.

Contrarian Ken voted no… as should you.

Vote no on hate.

Vote no on divisiveness.

Vote no on Ken Calvert.

Even if you don’t currently live in the Palm Springs vicinity (why aren’t you, btw?), be sure to spread the word that bigotry is infesting even the so-called safest of spaces. If we don’t eradicate it, it will destroy us.



Last modified: December 29, 2021