A New Tome Takes A Tour of Tom of Finland's Home

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Tom of Finland — whose work is characterized by its focus on exaggeratedly muscular men gleefully celebrating their sexuality — has long been hailed as a central figure in the history of gay art.

Tom House

Photos courtesy of Rizzoli

Now Tom House: Tom of Finland in Los Angeles (Rizzoli, $55) offers a unique look at the LA home where the artist lived and worked during the last decade of his life. Fans of the artist’s work will be pleased to find that this beautiful volume contains many of his depictions of spectacularly well-equipped men — both finished products and sketches of works in progress. But the house also has its own fascinating story: It’s still occupied by the guys who lived there with the artist and have dedicated themselves to preserving his legacy by making it the headquarters of the Tom of Finland Foundation, a shelter for runaway LGBT youth, and a gallery/archive for the artist’s work, correspondence and other historical documents. Tom House’s photographic tour of this unique residence ranges from the whimsical to the frankly sexual — including sexy statuary, kitschy kitchen magnets, even naughtily embroidered throw pillows. There may be no address on earth more dedicated to the male form. tomoffinlandfoundation.org

Last modified: July 27, 2017

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A New Tome Takes A Tour of Tom of Finland's Home

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