The Show Must Go Online – Join NYCGMC

Written by | The Lens

The soul is indefinable yet undeniable. It is impossible to pinpoint what makes us human, but music provides a swirling pulse that elevates us from the mundane to the marvelous.

Songs ignite us in a joyful mass exuberance. We can forget about our petty divisions and revel in the shared harmony of compassion and connection. Nowhere is this dynamic more evident than the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus, or NYCGMC to be lyrical. Since 1980, these iconic crooners have welcomed such luminaries as Stephen Sondheim, Joan Rivers, Alan Cumming and Elaine Stritch to their esteemed stage.

And now it’s time for YOU to join their ranks.

NYCGMC is inviting new members to join their Associate Program. No rehearsal required, just a dedication to queer community and a (borderline) freakish love of showtunes galore. Gay choruses around the world have given voice to the LGBTQ movement, even in the bleakest of times. Though Covid-19 has disrupted the melodic flow of our progress, NYCGMC is taking the show online and making you a star of cyberspace and screen.

New York is the land of musical manna. Dreams come true in the grit and shimmer of The Big Apple, and we yearn to recapture the spectacle of the grand old days. But there is an epic silver lining in our current predicament: now you can mingle with Empire State royalty no matter where you log on.

One of the most prestigious gay choruses in the nation is opening their hearts, arms, and firewall to associate members in the virtual realm. You can train with the best in the biz and prepare for a triumphant return to in-person membership once it’s safe to do so. Associates will be the first in line for next season’s auditions. By then you’ll have the advantage of vocal training, music theory, and a year’s worth of camaraderie under your fashionable belt.

Speaking of belts: belt it out, loud and Proud! Join NYCGMC online and become the diva you deserve to be. If you can make it queer, you’ll make it anywhere. Have a (disco) ball!

Last modified: August 28, 2020