The Underwear Guru Takes on Skincare! Essential Skincare Products for You from Andrew Christian

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With most of us sticking to the rules and staying home during COVID, time can go by with little to no awareness of what day it is, how long we have worn our pajamas for, or how long that Postmates food has been stuck to our cheek.  One of the first overlooked steps in our daily regimen can be our skincare.  And yes, not having to fake smile from under our masks can certainly ward off the wrinkles, but “maskne” is a thing and there will be a time when we will be out and about again – one must be selfie-ready.  With Valentine’s Day coming up, who knows who will pop up on your Facetime?  And if you are lucky enough to have a boo this Valentine’s, keep in mind that flowers die and chocolates pack on the pounds.  Why not plan a sexy, bedroom spa night?

Making skincare sexy again is Andrew Christian, the Patron Saint of underwear and steamy social media pics.  For over 20 years he has flooded the market with underwear-related clothing that fit any style from schoolboy briefs to power top harnesses.  In addition to his products, his models and their social media have earned many second glances and fulfilled a myriad of our fantasies.  Last year, Andrew added to his arsenal of sexy products and created a unique library of “Selfie Formulated” skincare products that are gender-neutral, influencer approved, and come with the hashtag #NOFILTER – forget that Face Tune filter, they got you.  Products range from your elemental needs like face scrub, moisturizer, and eye serum to the more exotic D.S.L Extreme Lip Plumper and Muscle Dust Body Glitter.  Need ideas on how to incorporate their skin products into a fun bedroom romp with that special someone?  Check out their model videos on their site, the jury is still out whether they can be considered SFW.

We chatted with Andrew about his skincare line, how to create the perfect Valentine’s Day spa day, and the latest dish of which of his models are dating each other.

What sparked the idea of developing a skincare line?

It was a natural progression as I have always been very interested in taking care of my skin. I have tried almost every brand, and none had everything I was looking for, so I decided to develop my own skincare collection.   When I created my line, it was important to me to develop one specifically for the needs of the LGBTQ community as I believe we have different requirements than most skincare and cosmetics on the market can provide. I believe the LGBTQ community likes our cosmetics to feel, apply, and be scented differently than others on the market and we appreciate a matte finish that looks natural and lasts for hours – day and night.

What have you learned the most about getting into the skincare business?

It is completely different from designing clothing. A lot more time and research goes into development and working with the chemists to push them to produce something extraordinary and amazing.  It takes approximately a year to develop a premium product like ours.    Also, I always try and source vegan, cruelty-free, and earth-friendly products which take more time sourcing quality ingredients and, in the lab, testing them.

What skincare steps are part of your everyday routine?

Strawberry Unicorn Ice Cream Face Scrub & Skin Detox

My skincare routine is medium to advanced. I cleanse every day with either the Daily Double Detox or the Foaming Charcoal Cleansing Stick. The Daily Double Detox is a re-mineralizing clay mask with charcoal to help draw out toxins, reduce oily skin and help with deep pore cleansing.  The Foaming Charcoal Cleansing Stick is great for sebum control, can be used all over the body, and is great for traveling. A couple of times I week I do a super deep pore cleaning and exfoliation to get rid of my old skin layers.  To exfoliate, I either use my Strawberry Unicorn Ice Cream Face Scrub or the Rapid Skin Regeneration Peeling exfoliant. It is so satisfying watching your old skin layers ball-up and wash off your face. My next step is to moisturize my face with Liquify a microencapsulated moisturizer that goes on for a matte finish.  For my eyes, I like to use my Rapid Eye Detox with also helps with puffiness.  This product is also great for traveling because it has a rollerball applicator, so you don’t have to rub your eyes with your fingers.   My final step is sunscreen, contouring my brow with Bro Brow and applying a thin layer of my Bro Glow Bronzer and Instant Airbrush an HD selfie powder for a matte finish.

LIQUIFY Micro-Encapsulated Moisturizer

What is the bare minimum we should be doing when it comes to skincare?

At the bare minimum, everyone should be using sunscreen and moisturizing twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. My facial moisturizer “Liquify” has microencapsulated hyaluronic acid, so it is like giving your skin a big drink of water. Liquify also absorbs and dries to a matte finish so you don’t look wet or greasy.

What are the biggest mistakes men make about their skin?

The biggest mistake men make is not exfoliating. Exfoliated skin helps guard against razor bumps or ingrown hairs when shaving and really helps with sebum control. Sebum is basically your skin producing excess oil so exfoliating helps your skin achieve a more matte appearance

At what age should men start to take care of their skin?

You are never too young to start with a good skincare regime. I started as a teenager.

Is it too late to get into skincare if you never have before?  

It is never too late to start a good skincare routine. Within a few weeks, you will notice a difference in texture and tone.  There are also products like Bro Glow Bronzer and my mattifying HD selfie powder, Instant Airbrush, that can be used to adjust for any persistent problems.

RAPID EYE DETOX Serum & Repair

What AC products would you recommend for beginners?

For beginners, I would recommend “Rapid Eye Detox.” It’s super easy to use and is not like any other eye serum I have ever used. The fingerless applicator has three stainless steel balls that provide cooling and help massage away dark circles and puffiness. Rapid Eye Detox ingredients include aloe, which is super moisturizing, Alpha Lipoic Acid to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and caffeine to help reduce dark circles. This is one of our most popular products.

Foaming Charcoal Detox Cleansing Stick

What AC products would you recommend for advanced skincare users?

For advanced skincare users, I would recommend “Foaming Charcoal Detox.” It’s a great everyday cleanser that is mild on your skin. The activated charcoal draws toxins and pollution out of your skin leaving your skin refreshes. It also has a great spa-like scent!  Advanced users will also like my clay mask, Daily Double Detox. Advanced users are all about “re-mineralizing” and adding minerals back into your skin while extracting toxins.

How do you tell your partner they are starting to look a little old?

Lol, I think the best tactic is to surprise them with a little gift of Andrew Christian Skincare.

What more can we expect from the skincare line?  

We will soon be adding Instant Airbrush a professional mattifying HD selfie powder and gender-neutral Gay Pride Rainbow themed colored metallic eyeshadow pallet.

Is it romantic to give skincare products as a gift?

Skincare can for sure be romantic, especially on Valentine’s day.

What are the biggest mistakes guys make on Valentine’s Day?

I feel like a lot of guys forget the romance and just go straight to the bedroom. Valentine’s Day is about showing appreciation for the special someone in your life.

Are there any Valentine’s Day romances going on between your models?

There have definitely been some romances between models at Andrew Christian, and that makes for some interesting stories. I’m going to keep my lips sealed but check out Instagram and you can get an idea of who is sleeping with whom.

Do you have any Valentine’s Day tips for the bedroom?

Make it a “bedroom spa day.” Nothing is more special than helping groom each other with some fun sexy skincare products.

Besides your skincare, what other AC products make the perfect Valentine’s gift?

A jockstrap is always a good option and a not-so-subtle hint of what’s in store after Valentine’s dinner.

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Last modified: February 10, 2021