Theo and Hugo Celebrates Sex, Sensuality and Romance

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In the beginning, we have just entered a sex club, checked our clothes at the door and descended into a place where the lights are red and male bodies slide across each other in groaning bliss.

Theo and Hugo

Photo courtesy Wolfe Releasing

It is here that Theo first sees Hugo, and draws closer to him — one man at a time— until they eventually meet and their bodies merge in a cool blue glow. After leaving the club, they continue to explore their instinctive connection on the streets of Paris until a sudden revelation sends them rushing to an emergency room. From its long, steamy (and quite accurate) opening scene in a small sex club and into the night beyond, we follow Theo and Hugo in real time through 97 minutes of highs and lows, hits and misses as they quibble and cling to each other through a night of discovery that could be the first of many — or end up a one night stand. THE WORD: Theo and Hugo is a strong piece of well-choreographed gay realism that doubles as a PSA about safe sex, and the risks and rewards of love. COMING TO: Theaters

Last modified: August 22, 2017