This Adult Show for Adult Audiences is Helping People Find Their Identity

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Open Your Heart, Open Your Mind, and Open Wide for ‘Baloney’.

Sex is like lunchmeat. It’s slimy, nutritious, and you always want more.

Welcome to Baloney.

This San Francisco burlesque institution is in your face and down your throat. The joyful gyrations of its stars will hook you, but what they reveal next is scandalously intimate.

“This is very much an adult show for adult audiences but there’s also a big part of Baloney that’s about finding your identity.”

These are the words of Joshua Guerci, the documentarian who captured the lives, loves and legacy of the raucous revue.

By spending time behind the curtain, Baloney delves further than what’s between the sheets. Our culture is more than simply who we sleep with.

“There’s an undervalued non-sexual aspect to queer identity and I think we’re just starting to have that conversation as a society.”

Unfortunately, that conversation is being smothered in certain parts of our nation right now.

Cough – Florida – louder, sickly, meth-induced cough.

But when cowards urge you not to say gay, what do they fear, precisely? Well, we are also known as homosexuals. The word has “sex” right there in the middle, like a mouthwatering sandwich.

So, queer art often follows suit. It leads with the lascivious, thrusting our proverbial junk in the spotlight to cast a crooked, salty shadow across the audience. But what else does our orientation illuminate, according to the Book of Baloney?

“People come for the hot guys,” admits Guerci, “but in the second act they’ll give you something sweet and tender. The show can be an intoxicating experience and it’s not just the strong drinks at Oasis. It’s emotionally revelatory.”

This captivating documentary is now available on various streaming services, so gather your besties, clutch your pearls, and get ready for a blast of protein with a side of empowerment. Bon appétit!

Last modified: July 27, 2022