This Old Palazzo

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A maker of contemporary home furnishings makes its home in a surprising 17th-century palace.

There is a region in northern Italy called Emilia-Romagna, where fruit orchards and wheat fields give way to coastal towns along the Adriatic Sea. Federico Fellini is perhaps its most famous native son, and automotive companies who call the area home include Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. It’s is a region that knows about luxury and style.

These virtues are evident in the city of Forli, where upscale furniture consortium Luxury Living Group has taken over the Palazzo Orsi Mangelli in the town’s historic center. The 17th-century baroque palace is a stunning — if somewhat surprising — choice to be the center of operations for a group whose portfolio includes such sleek, contemporary lines as Fendi Casa and Bentley Home.

At first, the splashy, dramatic opulence of the palazzo’s baroque architecture might seem at odds with the modernist lines associated with these contemporary brands. But when one considers that Luxury Living Group tends to offer pieces with classic style that make emphatic statements featuring Italian handcraftsmanship, one can see how much the company has in common with its headquarters. Alberto Vignatelli, president of Luxury Living Group, trusted the palazzo’s restoration to Jacques Grange, a French designer whose portfolio includes the home of Yves Saint Laurent.

Grange has staged the Palazzo using Luxury Living furniture that is 90% handcrafted by Italian artisans, such as the Borromini sectional sofa by Fendi Casa in the photo above. If you’re interested in bringing some of the timeless elegance on display at the palazzo to your own home, Luxury Living has showrooms in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, where you can explore their beautiful (and often customizable) pieces. Palazzo not included. See more at

By Matt Gurry

Last modified: June 22, 2018