This queer apparel is bringing classy/trashy style for bears, queens, and everything in between

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We tend to associate attraction with extremes. After all, when you want a hairy man, you don’t crave merely a smattering of fur; you yearn for a jungle of sweaty, abrasive follicles pressing against your flesh until they meld with your own.

Except… maybe not.

What about subtlety? What about balance? What about the ecstasy of androgeny?

Well, we have great news for you: it’s possible – nay, mandatory – to indulge in both fluidity and excess.

Get ready for a New Breed indeed.

This apparel line boasts their bona fides loud and capital-p Proud.

“Classy // trashy style for bears, queens and everything in between.”

Let’s unpack that baggage, shall we?

It’s all too rare for certain niche sectors of the LGBTQ+ spectrum to dally with their polar opposites. You don’t often see muscle posers welcoming twinks into their inner circle, but New Breed is striving to change that dynamic, one garment at a time.

Masculinity is the ultimate drag. The beard grooming, the weight lifting, the Neanderthal grunts – the whole scenario is as exhausting as it is alluring.

But when you apply a belly shirt and leather codpiece, voila! You’ve got a stud fit for supermodel status.

By mashing up expectations and imagination, New Breed is revolutionizing not only fashion, but also seduction. Their clothes are designed for the mind… specifically, the dirty brains rattling around in our gay heads.

The joy of being queer is embracing the duality of sexuality. We are butts, we are balls, we are nipples and we are naughty.

We dig the attitude with which New Breed markets their wares. They let it all hang out, proverbially and perversely, and we’re so here for it.

Take, for example, the following ad featuring Santa/pimps, party favors, and a cameo from our enduring fave: Drew Droege. Slip into the clip and slip out of your inhibitions.

Photo: Instagram @newbreedqueer

Last modified: April 12, 2022