TikTok star raises big tip for gay server after being left nothing but pamphlets by “religious” diners

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When we break bread, we also build bonds. The pandemic deprived us of the opportunity to gather for brunch, dinner, brunch, lunch, brunch, and other gay meals like brunch. Lockdown was a real kick in the culottes and it lasted for over a damn year, but we’re finally back in the diner’s seat!

Yay supreme, right?

Well, not if you’re a homophobe. Those joyless freaks hate everything, from piping-hot food to the sassy-hot waiters who serve it. Two such bigots displayed their hostility in a Maine restaurant when they refused to tip a gay server, instead giving him religious pamphlets as a gratuity.

The indignity infuriated one of the waiter’s friends, who immediately alerted their social media network. It soon ignited a firestorm of fierceness in the form of Meredith Steele, the way awesome TikTok star who posted a livid diatribe in response to the cheapskates.


love is love is love is love is love #pride

♬ original sound – Meredith Steele

Meredith encouraged her followers to “fill the f*** out of my Venmo so I can fill his apron with money.”

That’s quite a declaration, considering the fact that Mama Meredith has over half a million TikTok fans. Dollars poured in and she made good on her promising, relaying the delayed tip to the formerly slighted server.

Oh, but Meredith didn’t stop there.

She made enough dough-re-mi to give over $10,000 to EqualityMaine, a philanthropic organization dedicated to lifting LGBTQ+ youth out of the morass of ignorance that still courses through the so-called hearts of so many in our community.

The Bible-humpers (no, that’s not a typo) who wronged their gay waiter are the human equivalent of lemons, but Equality Maine is making a fabulous lemonade out of their rotten act. Their recent $10,000 influx of funds is enough to send 10 individuals to the New Leaders Camp, an initiative designed to educate and elevate the human experience.

“Kids in every corner of the state exist in their communities and schools as the only LGBT person they know,” explains Christopher O’Connor, the Development Director at EqualityMaine. In a statement to The Times Record, O’Connor continues, “Camp gives them the chance to meet kids just like them and know they’re valued, respected and loved. They get to feel comfortable in their own skin and explore maybe a new name or pronouns they’ve been thinking about but may be too scared to share it at home.”

It may sound like a tall order, but we are confident that there is enough love to nourish any queer Mainers willing to live their truth. Inclusion is served.



♬ original sound – Meredith Steele

Photo: Screenshot TikTok @babiesofsteele

Last modified: June 30, 2021