Tina Burner Thinks Lady Bunny and Donald Trump Have a Lot in Common

The “Legendary NYC Drag Queen We Love” nominee dishes on Voldemort, Russian Hookers, Tales from the Crypt and more.

She may be the newest face of the bunch, but Tina Burner has made quite the name for herself in NYC over the past eight years.  Now considered a staple in the NYC drag scene, and Tina uses her biting wit to skewer politics and challenge the status quo in fresh ways.

We caught up with her to find out what she thinks about her fellow nominees and why the public should vote for her to be the “Legendary NYC Drag Queen We Love” as part of our “People We Love” coverage.

Which queen does she compare to Voldemort? Who reminds her of Tales from the Crypt?  How does she feel about one of her sister’s ego?

Check out the exclusive video below to find out!

Full Transcription:

“Hi everybody, I’m Tina Burner!

TINA BURNER: I just want to say thank you guys so much for nominating me for Metrosource “People We Love.”

It’s an amazing opportunity to be a drag queen and be an outspoken person in the LGBTQIA community.

Now as far as my fellow nominees:

Joey Arias. Oooh, she’s always been amazing. Just a really pillar in the community and I always wondered: What happened to Voldemort after he died?

Sherry Vine. Oooh. God, I love her. She always bitches about not being on a television program. But, I remember her growing up – from Tales from the Crypt!

Lady Bunny. Such a political, outspoken advocate of politics and everything else. She has so much in common with Donald Trump: They both have bad wigs, bad makeup and they both been pissed on by Russian hookers!

Shequida. Oooh She has an alter ego. Her name is Jessie Normous. She’s an overweight opera singer. The only thing bigger than that is, well, her ego.

Ooooh, and Hedda Lettuce. [crickets and wide eyes]

Lypsinka. Oh, she does this amazing thing where she does mixes with phone calls, except the only people that are calling her now is AARP!

All jokes aside, thank you guys so much for nominating me for Metrosource “People We Love,” and I look forward to beating these old bitches.

Because, let’s face it. They’re probably already in bed right now.”

Head to https://metrosource.com/legendaryqueens to learn about all the queens and cast your vote, or just fill out the below!

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Tina Burner is a New York City based drag entertainer/producer. 

Today she is a staple in the New York drag scene with her one of a kind comedy, wit, costumes, and new shows. Tina has used her drag platform to skewer sensitive subjects and political matters for the past eight years. 

A winner of numerous titles and crowns, she most recently won Miss Fire Island 2018 and Overall Presentation and 2nd Runner Up at Nationals for the Miss Comedy Queen 2018 pageant in Orlando, FL. Tina’s polished, sharp, witty and loves to make everyone’s day a little brighter. 

Catch her most nights throughout NYC. Check out her calendar on www.tinaburner.com or on any social media platform (@thetinaburner) to catch this entertaining queen in action at one of her live shows.

Last modified: December 19, 2018