“Fabulous” New Tom Britt Book Takes Readers Into Luxe Living

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Tom Britt dining room

Fabulous! The Dazzling Interiors of Tom Britt | By Mitchell Owens;Rizzoli New York; $75

Tom Britt is a world renowned designer whose specific style has attracted many famous admirers. Among other things, his work is known for plush tom britt fabulous!furniture, seductive lighting, bold patterns and theatrical mirrors — all of which add up to spaces perfect for over-the-top entertaining and luxurious living. The designer succinctly sums up his point of view in the preface: “Pretty rooms are pretty boring. My preference has always been something totally different: bold, brilliant, even monumental. Rooms you can’t forget.” Author Mitchell Owens dives into the fifty years of unforgettable designs — divided into categories reflecting such different motifs as exotic, modern, historical and classic, and ultimately escorts us into the spectacular spaces of the inner sanctum that Britt calls home.

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Last modified: April 2, 2019