Top Industries Evolving Through Technology 

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The advancements in technology over the past two decades have changed the face of industry forever. The explosive appearance of the world wide web has forced businesses to adapt to the online marketplace or fall into obscurity. This was true for most but not all industries. However, in recent years, even ones left behind in the initial push have been forced to adapt and move to the online world. Here we will highlight three different industries that have used technology to evolve and change forever. 

The Odds of Betting on the NFL and More

While there will always be the allure of spending a night in a casino and the satisfaction of revealing a scratch-off ticket, betting has moved primarily to an online space. The advancement of secure online money transfer systems like PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, and more, have made it simple to bet and earn your winnings through the internet or mobile apps. 

You can now bet to play virtual slot machines on your phone, find and join poker tournaments through online forums, and even check the latest NFL odds with a few swipes of your fingertips. The games have changed, and the betting industry is adapting and keeping up. What at one time was done primarily in person is now accessible to anyone at any time. 

The Healthcare Industry

Medicine is one thing that many thought needed to be done only in person. After all, if a doctor can’t examine you, how can they possibly know how to treat you? But advancements in technology have helped doctors and nurses make healthcare more accessible to more people. The biggest shift in the industry is the popularization of Telehealth systems. Telehealth allows anyone to video chat with a medical professional to receive medical advice. This has also allowed many psychiatrists and therapists to schedule their clients and help them while being able to work from home. But video calling advancements are not the only ones being made. 

Another technology that could end up being a game changer for healthcare is 3D printing. The potential is very exciting, many companies are already making medical equipment, but the biggest idea in development is coming in the area of prosthetics. Being able to custom-make artificial limbs based on the measurement and needs of the patient will make recovery from limb loss much easier for the patient at hopefully a much lower cost. Some companies are even looking into using biological material to 3D print organs to help patients who need organ transplants. There is no better use for technology than being used to save lives. 

The Housing Industry 

Buying a home is a lifelong goal for many Americans. Owning your own piece of land and making it your own used to be primarily done in person with pen and paper. Now thanks to advancements in communication and secure virtual documents, the home-buying process is smoother than ever before. In fact, a study from the National Association of Realtors shows that 97% of all home buyers use the internet in some way while buying a home, and 76% of buyers use a tablet or mobile device. 

Real Estate companies now list houses primarily online and connect you with Realtors. It is even becoming a trend to take virtual tours of the home and buy it without ever seeing the house in person. For a market that has a lot of volatility, being able to see houses immediately and put a bid on them quickly makes it much easier for anyone to purchase a home. 

Technology has impacted every part of our lives. The three industries above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of online business. Even jobs that were traditionally done in person have been forced to go online and use new tech to evolve and keep up. The message is clear, if you want to have a chance in business, you need to be up-to-date on technology.

Last modified: October 29, 2022